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Detergent – Basic No 204

Detergent – Basic No 204

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Description of the laundry ritual:

  1.  Separate garments that only need dry laundry treatment from the ones needing a normal wet-washing cycle and organise the wet laundry in piles of colours and washing temperature.
  2. Choose a suitable washing program. Detergent Basic No. 204 is designed to suit machine washing at higher temperatures such as 40°C, or 60°C or 90°C. Please note – Do not use on wool or silk.
  3.  Pour the detergent into the detergent drawer, main wash compartment, as detailed on the bottle. There is no need for softeners when you use our detergent. 
  4.  Press the start button
• Content: 750ml / 25 Fl.Oz.
• Scent: Mont Blanc
• Temperature: Machine wash at 40oC, 60oC, 90oC
• pH: approx 9.5
• Dosage: 30-60ml per load, depending on the water hardness and the amount of dirty laundry
• Suitable for: Cotton, linen, bed linen, towels etc.
• IIngredients: Nonionic surfactants 5-15%, Anionic surfactants <5%, Perfume (Alpha-isomethyl ionone, Linalool), Phenoxyethanol 
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