About our sleepwear

Our Story

Quality over quantity

At The Sleepy Collection, we aim our attention to quality materials, comfort and simplicity. Through our conscious design and effortless style, we strive to inspire all generations to live more intentionally, slow down the rhythm of everyday life and enjoy the moment at the ease of their home. 

Connect with nature

We believe that every design starts
with the material. That is why we have carefully chosen to work with Organic Peruvian Pima cotton. Pima cotton is widely known for its silky softness and for being naturally hypoallergenic. We have chosen to only use 100% organic Pima cotton for our sleepwear, to assure that no harmful chemicals are exposed to the skin while sleeping, and to make our production gentler on the environment. Besides, it has been proven that pure organic cotton can give you a better night’s sleep compared to artificial materials. Choosing sustainable, pure & natural material for our sleepwear is also a humble reminder to stay connected, nurture and love what mother nature has given us. 

Cotton is just cotton right? 

Pima cotton is a species of cotton
plant known to grow extra-long stables (ELS), that normally measure about twice the length of traditional cotton. These longer staple fibers provide a series of benefits, resulting in a super soft and silky fabric with a captivating luster that wears well. The cotton we use for our sleepwear is organically grown along the northern coast of Peru, where the rich soil and perfect temperatures has contributed to Pima cotton production for thousands of years, and provides the perfect source of material for our sleepwear that looks - and feels - both luxurious and comfortable. 

Organic & Sustainable 

Our Peruvian Pima cotton is organically grown and carefully harvested by hand - a process that is beneficial for the cotton, the workers, the environment and you. Manual harvesting is more sustainable during both cultivation and dyeing, compared to machine harvesting that creates more pollution, and thorns the cotton fibers, resulting in impurities that can irritate and scratch the skin. The whole process of the fabric making is made under fair-trade guidelines and principles, certified under GOTS, USDA & EU standards, which (among other) guarantees the traceability of the cotton.

Luxurious Characteristics

The weaving process of the Pima cotton is one of the reasons for its soft, non-irritating and hypoallergenic qualities. Because of the length of the cotton fibers, there are fewer fiber ends exposed on the surface of the clothing, meaning that on a micro-level there is less friction and scratching between your skin and the fabric. This also results in Pima cotton being highly durable, as it retains color well and is much more resistant to tearing and pilling than ordinary cotton, making it a responsible choice when producing and consuming new clothes that will last longer and age more slowly. The weaving process also leaves the fabric with a lightweight, silky soft feel, while still available to hold warmth. Furthermore, and surprisingly, the fabric is ideal for those who tend to be sweaty sleepers, as the fibers are extremely absorbent, turning away moisture without weighting you down at night. The combination of these beautiful characteristics of the Pima cotton have made us convinced that we have found the ideal material for anyone looking for luxurious, durable and sustainable sleepwear that will keep you cozy, comfortable and confident at home - but also a perfect gift alternative for newborn babies, children and others with sensitive skin.

No wonder it is called ”the cashmere” of cottons