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Fläckborttagare No 072

Fläckborttagare No 072

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Stain Away No.72 from Laundry Society is a multi-functional, liquid stain remover, which tackles the most common stains and has both fat-soluble characteristics and can neutralize pigments from for instance tomato, wine and fruit. Sensitive fabrics, such as synthetics or mixed materials, should first be tested in a less visible area before the actual stain is treated. Be extra careful if treating silk or wool. If you have a white garment made out of a durable fabric, such as linen or cotton, and a faint mark remains after the treatment, you can use our soon-to-be-launched whitener as a complement.

You will always get the best effect from Stain Away No. 72 if you treat the stain as soon as you can after it has occurred, straight away if possible. We have tried this on stains like red wine, tomato, barbecue oil, ice cream, butter, coffee, avocado, dressing, strawberry jam and chocolate. A handy tip is to always have a bottle of Stain Away No. 72 on hand in your kitchen, where most stains occur.

• Content: 150 ml / 5 fl.oz.
• Suitable for: Durable, hard-wearing textiles such as cotton, linen and washed denim.
• Contains: Anionic surfactants 5-15%, Non-ionic surfactants 5-15%, Phenoxyethanol

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