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Wash Spray – Antiseptic Basic No 504

Wash Spray – Antiseptic Basic No 504

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 • Content: 150ml / 5 Fl.Oz.
• Scent: Mont Blanc
• Purpose: Antiseptic, refresh & revive
• Suitable for: Bed linen, clothes, wardrobe etc.
• Ingredients: Ethanol, nonionic surfactants <5%, parfum

Description of the laundry ritual:

1. Separate dry garments from wet, newly-washed garments.

2. Functional Freshener Antiseptic Basic No. 504 is antibacterial and developed to suit textiles that need refreshing, but not dirty enough to need a wash.

3. Hang your garments neatly on a clothesline or hanger and spray evenly all over. Leave to air for a few minutes before they are ready to wear or be returned to the wardrobe.

Tip – This laundry spray can be used directly onto bed linen, cushions, soft furnishings and curtains whenever you want to spruce up your home

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