Laundry Society is sustainable clothing care made in Sweden.

We want to take care of the textile materials on their own terms to achieve a sustainable wardrobe and minimal wear and tear on the garments. We call it- A new way of thinking about laundry and that means that instead of washing casually, we take in washing sprays and ventilation as part of textile care.

6 tips for your ultimate sleeping environment

- Ventilate your bedding and pajamas outdoors as often as you can. Let fresh air ventilate your sleep and get the bed ready for the coming night.

-When you change bedding, wash them in 504, Basic adapted for cotton and linen in a machine at 60 degrees. Feel free to let the sheets air dry.

-Clean the bedroom every morning and evening. Letting in some fresh air before bedtime in the evening gives one

-Choose pajamas and nightgowns with care. Invest in a good cotton quality that is durable and long lasting. It should be a garment to sleep in every night that is also closest to your skin. So choose a high quality of sustainably produced

- When you wash your cotton pajamas, let it hang dry airily and fall asleep well again to the smell of freshly washed

- Extend the intervals between washes by using Washing Spray. It refreshes quickly and efficiently and gives the scent of freshly washed again.

This is how cotton is washed

To wash cotton material, we recommend our detergent 204 Basic.

This is specially developed for cotton and linen that need to be washed a little warmer to release dirt. Our products are gentle and effective while being kind to the material and cleaning in a gentle way.

Each product at Laundry Society is adapted to the material to be treated and this minimizes your impact on the material.

When it comes to bedding, sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases, we recommend that you wash at 60 degrees. At 60 degrees, cotton material becomes clean from skin deposits and bacteria die.

Pajamas, nightgowns and other sleeping clothes should first be looked for according to the laundry recommendation of the garments and washed accordingly in the first place. Cotton is washed at 40 degrees or more.

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Cotton is one of our most common materials, a natural material of small downy balls that grow on the cotton bush. The fiber is soft, durable and flexible and is often used for t-shirts, underwear, jumpers, socks, etc.

For a circular wardrobe, we recommend choosing eco-cotton to avoid pesticides on the crops and all the consequences that these entail. Buy cotton garments that you are willing to take care of and want to use for a long time.

Give your cotton garment longer life with our Washing Spray No. 502, no. 503 or No. 504 Used with advantage when you only want to freshen up your garment that is used, but not dirty. It saves your garment and the environment. When you wash cotton, it can withstand higher temperatures. Therefore use our Detergent Basic No. 204 which works in 40-90 degrees. Clothes can often withstand 40 degrees if they are lightly soiled, while bedding should be washed at 60 degrees. Follow washing instructions.

Love and cherish your cotton garment and give it a longer life!