Now when we better understand the concept of fast fashion, how do we then fight back this unfortunate development of the industry over the last decades? How can we, as both individuals and brands, make change and take responsibility for our production, shopping habits and choices? Well, there are several alternatives, but let us first tell you why we at The Sleepy Collection embrace slow fashion, and explain to you some of the important reasons why we decided to take the more responsible route right from the get-go.

Why we choose slow fashion

Longevity and durability

With our timeless design, small batches and slower production schedules for our sleepwear, we hope to reduce the textile waste clogging our landfills, minimize water consumption, and be mindful of our environmental footprint. When you opt for high-quality organic fibers, durability and longevity are pretty much guaranteed. Slow fashion aspires to put a stop to treating shopping as a thoughtless hobby.

Non-toxic manufacturing 

Our organic Pima cotton is grown, hand-picked, spun into yarn, knitted into the soft fabric, and (when needed) naturally dyed into our minimalist colors. This means that the farmers aren’t getting exposed to dangerous toxins that can cause severe harm to their health. 

When you see a sustainable brand proudly showing off their GOTS certification, it practically means that they are completely transparent when it comes to the production process and guarantee an ethically made product that is organic and toxin-free. 

As Organic Center explains ”Organic farmers rely on a healthy ecosystem to manage pests, and use soil and biodiversity building techniques such as crop rotations, resistant and tolerant varieties, and fostering beneficial insects.”

Fair labor 

Unlike the crimes of the fast fashion industry against humanity, we as well as other slow fashion brands, thrive on showing workers the respect they deserve. This includes federal minimum wage, overtime pay, employer record-keeping responsibilities, safe working environments, and, of course, no child labor.

Can we make change? 

At The Sleepy Collecion, as both family and slow fashion brand, we really do believe that small yet mindful actions in our everyday life can make impact in the long run for a more sustainable future. Being aware of the problem, making conscious choices and taking responsability for our shopping habits - asking ourselves if and why we need it - is a great first start. By the way - did you know that on average, each piece of clothes is worn seven times (!) before it is thrown away? Thankfully, as The Borgen Project so favorably puts it, there are several choices to make our wardrobes more ethical and sustainable. Use and repair what we already have is obviously the best thing to do, but if you are looking for an update of your closet - thrifting, trading and buying and selling online are all a more sustainable alternatives. And in the search for something new, look for timeless, good-quality clothings from sustainable and ethical brands. There are plenty of them out there!

While there is definitely a certain allure to fast fashion, at the end of the day it is hard to deny that it is one of the most catastrophic industries of present-day. What do you say? Are you ready to make change and join us on our eco-conscious journey to a more responsible closet?

We really hope so.