Slow mornings. Cozy cuddles. Good night sleep.
That is what we dream of.

Family in pyjamasFamily in pyjamas

Our Story

Founded in 2012, The Sleepy Collection is a Swedish family brand specializing in soft, organic, and high-quality sleepwear, inspired by slow living and everyday comfort. In an increasingly complex world, and with knowledge of how life can be hectic at times, our mission is to create simple and timeless pieces to enjoy with a peace of mind, at the ease of your home. 

Working outside conventional seasons, new styles and colors are thoughtfully added to our collection in small batches that are ethically made in Peru, from 100% organic, premium quality Pima cotton.

Whether you are looking for calm bedtime routines, slow morning coffee, or a good night’s sleep, we aim to be your inspiration and first choice when searching for classic, cozy and conscious sleepwear for both adults and children to wear at home, but most importantly to feel at home in.

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