About Us

100% Organic Pima Cotton sleepwear/loungewear Look good, feel good – and do good!

The Sleepy Collection offers sleepwear and loungewear in 100 percent organic Pima Cotton for kids and women. When purchasing a piece of garment from The Sleepy Collection, you will never have to compromise. You will look great, feel comfortable and rest assured that the product is organic and produced by sustainable methods.

The Sleepy Collection design profile is unmistakably Scandinavian. The fit is superb, thanks to soft wristlets and uncomplicated buttoning. The whole collection is woven from 100 percent Pima cotton – 100 percent organic, certified according to GOTS standard and considered the best cotton available. With its long fibres, the Pima Cotton does not burl and keeps soft after repeated washing. It has a fantastic luster and feels thin and cool against the skin.

We offer you the very outfit that you long to put on when you come home and still feel smart wearing. The one piece of clothing that you and your kid will accept wearing during your hours of sleep, simply because it feels so good.

The Sleepy Collection was founded by Susanna Leandersson in 2012. The brand idea was initiated when Susanna had her first child and felt an urgent need for a contrast to all the kid’s sleepwear decorated with teddy bears, cars and boats. Especially, she wanted organic alternatives. In 2012, the first collection for children was launched. Before long, mothers increasingly came asking for clothing for themselves of the same exceptional quality. After sessions of “pilot-sleeping” in a great variety of sleepwear, Susanna launched the first collection for women in 2013.

The Sleepy Collection offers a basic collection for kids and women in white, light grey and navy blue – for women also in black. To develop our brand at pace with emerging trends, the first collection with prints has been developed for the SS 2017. Customer responses have been very encouraging and new prints will be created for each future collection. The colouring of patterns is made according to GOTS/Oeko-Tex’ recommendations.

Today, the company is managed and owned by Susanna Leandersson – who is in charge of design, marketing and PR – and by Maria Carlestål – who is responsible for Sales and Customer contacts. The operation is located at Lidingö in Stockholm. The Pima Cotton comes from Peru, where the garment pieces also are sewn.

The typical Sleepy Collection customer is a parent/woman with a developed consciousness concerning style, quality and environmental aspects. Age is not an important factor, but distinguish taste and selectiveness are. You strive to find the best for your children and yourself and are prepared to pay more for a product offering an attractive level of quality and design.

The products are sold via the company website, via thoroughly selected web shops and via a number of physical boutiques, varying between children, ladies and Lifestyle.

The products are exposed via social media, PR, events and trade fairs – most recently at the Formex Fair.

The Sleepy Collection sets goals high. We aim to establish a customer base all over Sweden and Worldwide. We also strive to spread consciousness regarding sustainability in fashion and in consumption in general. You should never have to put up with compromises. Instead you should always be able to:

Look good, feel good – and do good!